Dale Henry ( 1931 – 2011 ) bequeathed his entire body of work to Clocktower Founder/Director Alanna Heiss, with the proviso that it remain outside of the art market. Following a multi-part retrospective, Dale Henry: The Artist Who Left New York, Heiss has given the most significant groups of works as gifts to prominent museums and collections in the United States and abroad, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Brooklyn Museum, the Cleveland Museum, the Fralin Museum of Art at the University of Virginia, and the Sammlung-Hoffmann Collection in Berlin, among others. The remaining 200 works are being disseminated to individuals including artists, critics, curators, and Henry’s artist peers, in all cases, completely free of charge. The goal of this series of projects is to bring forth critical post-minimalist and conceptual works by an artist whose relative anonymity belies the relevance of his work.

We invite you to peruse the below Dale Henry works available for individual donation, and submit your three top choices using the form below. Please be advised that we cannot guarantee you will receive one of your top choices, though we will do our best to accommodate your wishes, and follow up directly about any re-assignments. 

Clocktower Productions appreciates a $100 donation per work, for processing and handling fees. 

Dale Henry Selection Form


IV. original intents - easel paintings

Series of 21 works, materials and dimensions variable, 1971 to late 1990s

V. Plan of the Uffizi (1972 - 1973)

Series of 23, all acrylic emulsions and resin on canvas, 17 x 19 x 28”

viii. camera obscura series

The Snaps, 1996 (series of 15 works); The Family Museum, 1997 (series of 4 works); and The Shots, 1998 (series of 7 works).