First exhibited at John Weber Gallery in 1973. Originally a series comprised of an installation wall painting, a stand and guidebook, 23 trapezoidal acrylic on canvas paintings, and a private viewing room (the private viewing room was later deemed unsuccessful by the artist and not to be reproduced). Shown here are the 23 trapezoidal canvases and a recreation of the stand and guidebook element.

This piece was created after Henry’s visit to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. For this piece Henry meditates on the experience of the viewing artwork at the Uffizi Gallery which, according to him, always included some level of mediation and remove from the artwork, including crowds that obscured the view of the work, the reflective surface of the protective glass covering an artwork, the guidebook for the gallery, and the experience of the tourist and travel. The shape of these canvas paintings was meant to evoke both the size and shape of airline seat backs and a person’s torso. The clear reflective acrylic images on the canvases are sections of paintings reproduced from photographs included in a guidebook of the Uffizi Gallery.